Advanced Hypertrophy Back Workout

Austin Current

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Add width and thickness to your back, with this short – but extremely intense – back workout from IFBB Pro Austin Current.

This is an advanced back workout focused on hypertrophy of the muscle in your back. In this session, you will be utilizing different tempo along with vertical and horizontal pulling movements. If growing thickness and width to you back is a priority, then this is the workout for you! This workout has also been designed to get you in and out of the gym in a timely fashion.

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Exercise One

Neutral Grip Pulldown: 5 Sets X 12 Reps
Rest Period: 60 seconds between sets

Notes – To get into the correct positioning – sit with good posture with the top of your knees plush to the pad, then flex (raise) your arms at the shoulder until you feel them stop naturally, this will give you the angle in which you need to “lean back” and create an optimal position and range of motion for the movement. Once initiating the movement go down fully keeping your chest proud and driving the weight downward leading with your elbows. On the eccentric phase, focus on controlling the weight and externally rotating the arm to further the stretch the lat. At the top, allow yourself to lift your shoulders as if you were shrugging and initiate the next rep by depressing the shoulder blades and driving downward with the elbow!

Exercise Two

Seated Horizontal Low Row: 5 Sets X 10-12 Reps
Rest Period: 60 seconds between sets
Notes – Sit with feet wide and have slight a lean forward at your hip, initiate the movement by retracting the scapula and pull until your elbows are around your hips (we want go far enough to get lats fully shortened, but not too far that we shrug). Control the eccentric.

Exercise Three

DB Row: 5 Sets X 8 Reps + 1/4 Reps
Tri-set with
Dumbbell Lateral Raises: – 4 Sets X 12, 10, 10, 8 Reps
Notes – Focus on keeping shoulder blade depressed (movement in the inferior direction toward lower back, opposite motion of shoulder shrug). Pull load back (not up) to the hip region. *¼ rep- complete 1 full rep and then go a ¼ of the way in the eccentric portion and contract again to perform a ¼ rep – then perform eccentric to starting position. GO LIGHTER THAN NORMAL!



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