My name is Brandon Bass and I am a personal trainer and fitness model living in New York City. My journey in the fitness industry started when I was 18 years old as an amateur bodybuilder. I was first introduced to weights in high school and instantly fell in love with the way it made me feel, look and the boost in self confidence that came along with it. Working out built a solid foundation of success with a good work ethic, dedication and consistency that would carry over into other areas of my life. I enjoyed the process of transforming my body so much that I wanted to help others achieve great results so I got certified through NASM, which enabled me to train clients. The process of helping others achieve their fitness goals has been the most rewarding part of my job. It’s not where you start on your fitness journey, it’s where you finish.


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  • Muscle & Performance (cover 2011)
  • Men’s Exercise (cover 2011)
  • Muscle & Fitness (editorial 2011)
  • Reps Magazine (2012 and 2013)



  • 2008 NPC Lone Star Classic – Dallas
  • 2009 Musclemania World – Los Angeles

Men’s Physique

  • 2012 NPC Eastern USA’s – NYC
  • 2013 NPC Ironman Natural – Los Angeles
  • 2013 NPC Nationals – Fort Lauderdale

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